Some Exhibits From My Postal History Collection

Hi. My name is Chip and I'm a philatelist (Hi, Chip!).  I collect postal history items and have put together some little exhibits related to various themes. I hope you enjoy looking at them.

Postal Uses of the U.S.
12c 1861 Issue
(5 frames)

(Updated for NY2016)
My Victoria
Imperforate Line Engraved Stamps of
Great Britain from Plate Position CG
(5 frames)
(Updated July 2016)

Intemperance is the Curse of the World
(1 frame)
The Chips Covers
The Postal History Legacy of a Wells Fargo Agent
(1 frame)

The Heyday of Phonography
(2.25 frames for now)
A Sense of Place:
Maps and the Mails - 1850-65
(1 frame)

The Toppan Carpenter Casilear Issue of 1851-60
Imprint Usages on Cover
(1 frame)
Printers Who Left Their Mark:
Imprints on US Carriers, Locals, and Independent Post Issues
(1 frame)

The Colors of the 5c 1851-60 Issue
(1 frame)
Special Mail Routes of the Red River Colony
(1 frame)

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May 2009