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Imperforate Line Engraved Stamps of Great Britain from Plate Position 'CG'


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Section 1
Black Plates 1-11; Blue Plates 1-2

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Section 2
Red Plates 12-177; Blue Plates 3-4; Printing Varieties

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Section 3 - Cancellations
Maltese Cross Cancellations; Numeral Cancellations

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Section 4 - Uses
Rates and Uses; Auxillary Markings; Late Uses


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Prior Exhibition History (Not going to be exhibiting these again for a while):

Vapex 2008 (Williamsburgh, VA) - 4 frames - Vermeil award; AAPE Special Award for Creativity

Ropex 2009 (Rochester, NY) - 5 frames - Gold award

APS Stampshow, (Pittsburgh, PA) - 5 frames - Vermeil award

Chicagopex 2009 (Arlington Heights, IL) - 5 frames - Gold award

NOJEX 2011 (Secaucus, NJ) - 5 frames - Gold award

last modified - 6 October 2012